LEGO Party Countdown

As all of you moms out there know, the week or so before your child’s birthday party is full of hectic, crazy days of planning, shopping, creating and cleaning!  (Yuck to that last one!)  So, as my son’s tenth birthday party approaches (six days and counting!), we’ve been busy getting everything ready.  We’re doing a LEGO theme again … last year was full-blown LEGO Star Wars.  I think I’ve posted a photo in a prior post of his cake from last year …


This year we’re doing a more-general LEGO party … pretty much sticking to primary colors and doing a combination of Ninjago, Star Wars, City and other fun LEGO themes.  The most fun part has been the creating and planning … I have made a lot of cool things that are ready to be printed (cupcake toppers, banners, clip art for the party favor bags and much more).  I thought I would share a couple of things that are in the works! 

We ordered two LEGO brick molds from Amazon.  We’re using one to make white chocolate bricks that we’re coloring primary colors … blue, red, green and yellow.  Then, we’re going to attempt to use the second mold to make crayon bricks to put in the party bags. 

We started a cool project that incorporates LEGO Star Wars by making light sabers from bubble wands … to go along with the favor bags. 

And, we found these cool brick candles at Target.  $2.99 a pack for eight of them.

For most parties I host, I keep an empty plastic tote that I fill with things as I buy them in the weeks leading up to the party.  I, also, use it to stow away little gifts I pick up for the birthday kid so I know where I put things!   It’s a great idea for keeping everything together in one place … just stash in the corner of a room or a closet so you have all your decor and craft projects on hand and all in one place.

After this Saturday, I will post photos and blog all about how things turned out.  We are super excited to see everything come together.  Until then, it’ll be work, work, work getting stuff ready and I can’t wait to see the look on my son’s face when he sees everything all set up!



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