Batter Up …

Sorry if the title of this post had ya thinking this was a dough recipe!  Ha!  “Batter” in this case refers to baseball and softball … as in the sports that will now be consuming our time in this household for the next six weeks!  My almost-ten year old son, Zayne, plays every year.  But, this year our daughter, Ayvah, was able to join, too, even though she didn’t make the birthday cut-off by a week or two (thank you, kind lady at the city recreation office, for bending the rules a bit). 

Here she is ready for her very first ever softball practice this past week:

So, now we have two playing ball and the season has begun!  I have officially given up any relaxation in the evenings five nights a week and sleeping in at all on Saturday mornings for a while!

I am usually posting every couple of days, but with all the hecticness (is that even a word?) right now, I am ashamed to admit that it’s been a pizza and grab-food-on-the-go kind of week!  (Hey – the coney dogs at the ice cream place today were actually pretty tasty!)  I did manage to get Chicken Cordon Bleu in the slow cooker for dinner last night and had my teenager peel and chop potatoes (for mashed potatoes) to be waiting for me to boil … while I had my son at his practice.  But, it did make for an 8:15 p.m. dinner, so I really need to get my rear in gear and figure out how this next month is going to play out in terms of getting home-cooked meals into my children’s bellies and not fast food, greasy pizza, Subway and “roller dogs” (as the hubby calls them) at the gas station!  It wouldn’t be so terrible eating that late when we get home if we were already on summer break.  But, when ya get home 30 minutes before their school-night bedtime and they are starving, it makes things a little crazy!

So, bear with me as I try to come up with some dinners that we can either take on-the-go or have ready early enough to eat, clean up and then leave by four o’clock!  I’m thinking maybe some homemade club sandwich-type thingys wrapped up in foil and ready to eat at the ballpark or in the van.  Or, since it’s getting pretty warm out, salads in little containers for on-the-go sound fun!  They love taco salads, so that is an option!  I am a stay-at-home mom, so I can have these types of things prepared when they come in off the bus and as they are getting into ball clothes to head out!

I am hoping to still post some yummy other recipes, too, but maybe not as often right now.  I know you moms out there understand …



2 thoughts on “Batter Up …

  1. didn’t mean to make u feel bad when i said that yesterday. enjoy your creativity. HAVE FUN AND ENJOY THOSE KIDS. i know you do because this web site shows that. i do miss those yrs with Sammy and sports and being on the run so much. as u know never know what will happen next. 😦

    • Oh, Terry … you didn’t make me feel bad! I had been wanting to post something on my crazyness just to update everyone on why I hadn’t been “on the ball” (LOL) with new posts! I do so treasure these times with the kids and know I am blessed beyond words to have each and every moment!!! Thank you for your kind words!


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