Homemade Family Card Game – “Go Fish” Style

Years ago, the kids and I made a card game that depicted our family (and a few close friends) as fruits and vegetables.  I made two of each person and we called it “Go Bananas.”  It is played the same way “Go Fish”  is played.  Each person is a fruit or vegetable character  … with the name of the fruit starting with the same letter as the name of the person (“Steve Strawberry”, “Marah Melon” … you get the picture!)  This game has provided hours of fun for all of us … the younger kids can even play.  My children have always loved playing a game that showcases them on the cards … and they fight over getting pairs of themselves and extra-special family members!  Since many years have passed, new births have occurred within the family (and a couple of divorces and new spouses).  So, recently I have been working on an updated deck with the correct additions (and subtractions) to the deck. 

Crafts stores sell cut card stock (in bulk packs in various colors) that works perfectly for the size needed for this.  Or, you can cut your own.

My mother works at an office supply store, so she was able to cover each card in a very sturdy laminate.  We’re having her do the same with the new deck that is in the works!  This has allowed for the old deck to be pretty indestructible over the past 7 or 8 years.

Here is a sample of the old deck.  You can see the lovely “artwork” by my kids at their young ages back when we created this.

And, here are some samples of the newer, updated version I am working on:

Normally, we deal 5 – 7 cards to each person and the rest go in a pile face-down in the center of the table.  Each person takes a turn asking another player of their choice if they have a specific card (“Do you have Grandma Grape?” or “Do you have Christopher Cherry?”)  From there, it’s played the same way you’d play “Go Fish” except if a player does not have the card requested, we say “Go Bananas” and you’d draw a card from the pile.



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