Party Ideas, Part 1 (All Around the World)

It’s “that” time of the year again …  BIRTHDAY PARTY TIME!  In our family, all seven of our birthdays fall between March and June.  So, we are pretty busy with parties this time of year.  I love parties and throw one any chance I have and for any reason.  The party planning is super fun for me and allows my creative side to come out and play!  In the works for my son’s party next month is a LEGO theme (yet again this year!) and my daughter who is turning five in June is set to have a LaLaLoopsy party.  I’ll post pics and details after the big events!

But, a few years back, my daughter, Allanah, had an “All Around the World” birthday party.  I came across the photos today and thought I’d share this neat idea for a party with you.  We asked all the guests to come dressed representing a certain part of the world and we served dishes from all over the globe.  We served what we called “tastings” … bite-size portions of things like spaghetti and meatballs, Spam with grilled pineapple, egg rolls and mini tacos.

I found a Flags of the World banner online and ordered a few other things from Oriental Trading Company … themed cut-outs, leis, plastic chili peppers, fake fruit and such. Much of what we used to decorate we found around our house or borrowed from friends and family.  Our dining room had built-in shelving, which we used to display items representing different places around the world.

And, here’s the birthday girl:



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