Regrowing Green Onions

My lovely nine-year old son (and I) just finished his 4th grade science project today. (A miracle in-and-of itself after having sick kids at home the past few days!) His project was “Regrowing Green Onions.”  (No volcano-creating or solar system dioramas this year!!!) 

I was anxious and excited to work on this with him because I use a lot of green onions in my cooking … and if they can be regrown and regrown and regrown without having to keep purchasing more and more (and spending more and more), then that is a good thing!  We tried growing in both water and soil.  Soil worked best, although the ones in water grew just a tad faster.  The ones in soil were sturdier and didn’t bend and fall over (no offense, water ones!).  You can find the instructions of how we did it within the “Procedures” portion of his board.  Your kids will think it’s cool to see something grow so fast indoors and from just a root … and, you’ll think it’s cool that it’s saving money and living frugally!

Here’s some photos of the growth process.

* For those curious about the glowing stars at the top of his board (on the black HEADER), they are made for science fair projects and are flashing stars that affix to the board with foam adhesives.  They can be turned off and on with the attached switch.  We found ours at our local Walgreen’s.  $2.99 for a pack of five.  My son is over the moon about these additions and can’t wait to show them off to his friends at school tomorrow!



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