Beef and Gravy Over Noodles Freeze-Ahead Slow Cooker Meal

The portion of this recipe that you will prep ahead and freeze is for the Beef and Gravy part of the meal.  You need to create the portion of the meal that will include everything EXCEPT the noodles, so start by adding the following to a gallon freezer bag:

Approximately 1/2 – 3/4 of a pound of uncooked beef, cut into large chunks (from a roast, stew meat or boneless beef ribs).  How much meat you use is up to you depending on how “meaty” you like it or how many you’re serving. 

A sprinkling of black pepper

A sprinkling of kosher salt

4 – 5 beef bouillon cubes

2 cans or jars of prepared beef gravy

Optional Additions: 

A handful of frozen or fresh peas

A handful of fresh or frozen sliced or diced carrots

A handful of mushrooms, cleaned and sliced

Squeeze out the air completely from the bag, seal and press flat for easy freezer storage. 

Label with name of dish and date prepared.  You will need to add water the day you cook the meal, so reminding yourself of this on the label is a good idea!


Thaw in fridge overnight before the day of cooking, add contents of bag to slow cooker, set on low for 6 – 8 hours.  Add 1 – 2 cups of water before lidding.  If necessary, a little more water can be added throughout cooking, as desired. 

When beef is tender, decide it you wanna keep it chunky or shred it up a little with a fork.  Then, serve the contents of the slow cooker over or combined with dried egg noodles found in the pasta section (cooked according to package directions) or with the store-bought frozen or homemade variety of egg noodles (recipe below).  

NOTE:  I add my beef in extra-large chunks so that when it is done cooking, I can remove the pieces and shred the meat before adding it back into the slow cooker.  But, if you prefer actual cubes instead of shredded, cut into bite-size chunks on the day you prepare the meal.

A couple of spoonfuls of sour cream can be added right before serving to give this dish more of a “stroganoff” taste!

NOTE:  If you have leftover (already-cooked) pot roast or beef roast, shred it up and use it in place of raw beef! 

Follow the link below for the recipe to make your own egg noodles:




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