The Idea Behind Freeze-Ahead Meals

I adore using the slow cooker.

And, I adore prepping meals in advance!

It is a life-saver for those of us with busy families and not a lot of time in the evenings to spend in the kitchen!  In the posts to follow, I will highlight a few of my “recipes” for some of my family’s favorite make-ahead slow cooker meals.  Also, there will be a few that are intended for oven-cooking, but the concept is the same.  Keep in mind … this is more of a method and what I like to call “suggestion cooking.”  There are usually no strict measurements … just guidelines, methods and ingredient suggestions.

It is my promise to you that following the idea of prepping and freezing many meals at once WILL make your life in the kitchen easier, calmer, less-stressful and you’ll feel a huge sense of accomplishment!  And … it’ll yield some pretty tasty grub for you and yours!

Sampling of Freeze-Ahead Meals



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